Enhancing the Role of Commune health Workers in HIV and Drug control in Vietnam

Abstract: This 5-year project aims to enhance the role of commune health workers (CHWs) in HIV and drug use prevention and treatment. We demonstrate the process of development, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated intervention for CHWs, IDUs, and their family members (FMs) in Vietnam. In Phase 1, intervention topics, format, delivery procedures, and supporting materials are developed through a series of focus group discussions. In Phase 2, implementation pilot and process evaluation are conducted to collect feedback from participating CHWs, IDUs, and their FMs by in-depth interviews in two commune health centers. In Phase 3, we conduct an intervention trial (CHW CARE intervention) in 60 commune health centers (5 CHWs, 15 IDUs and 10 FMs from each commune center), totaling 300 CHWs; 900 IDUs and 600 FMs. Randomization occurs at the commune level (30 communes assigned to the intervention group; 30 communes assigned to the control group). At each commune assigned to the intervention, the intervention is delivered to CHWs first, and the participating CHWs are required to conduct individual and group sessions with IDUs and FMs in their communes. The efficacy of the intervention is assessed at baseline, 3, 6, 9, and 12-month follow-ups by comparing outcome measures of CHWs, IDUs and FMs in the intervention group to those in the control group. Relationships between the intervention outcomes of CHWs, IDUs, and FMs are explored.

Project number: 4R01DA03360-05