Aaron Celious, PhD

CAB Member

Aaron Celious, PhD is an applied sociologist whose work focuses on how to best develop, implement and evaluate public health programs and policies. This includes understanding how to match the capabilities of an organization with the wants and needs of the target community. Recent projects include: (a) developing the HIV/AIDS Strategy for the City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office, (b) developing the HIV Zero Initiative and evaluation plan for the City of West Hollywood, (c) testing the efficacy of mental health promoter programs (promotores de salud) for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, (d) assessing the potential to implement an HIV risk assessment as part of a standard patient encounter in a primary care setting, (e) examining barriers and motivators to implement routine opt-out HIV tests at health clinics in Los Angeles, and (f) evaluating the Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) program for the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office. He is a current member of the American Public Health Association, the Community Advisory Board for UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention (CHIPTS), and the Community Advisory Board for UCLA Center for AIDS research (CFAR). In addition, Aaron is also a filmmaker who writes and directs comedy and psychological thrillers. He is a director/writer fellow of Film Independent’s Project Involve, a fellow of the Guy Hanks Marvin Miller writing program at USC, a 2010 HBO Directing Fellow finalist, and a Groundlings theater alumna.

Contact: celious@maroonsociety.com