2013 Pilot Program
Call for Applications

The Center for HIV, Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) is accepting pilot grant applications and statements of qualifications for domestic social, behavioral and policy research studies relevant to HIV, from faculty investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students at CHIPTS affiliated institutions (e.g., UCLA and Friends Research Institute).


Eligible applicants are limited to research scientists who had or have a working relationship with a community-based organization that can assist in formative research, access to subjects, or data collection. Community-based organizations are only eligible to apply if they have a working relationship with a research scientist from UCLA or one of the affiliated organizations.  This eligibility criterion is necessary because of IRB requirements for the pilot studies. Highly competitive applicants will be those who demonstrate previous involvement with transgender populations, transgender service providers, as well as knowledge and familiarity with the sociocultural co-factors that impact HIV risk behaviors and health disparities among urban transgender individuals.

The goal of this request for pilot applications is to prepare CHIPTS researchers and its collaborative partners to develop innovative research in two areas. One, to conduct formative work with community partners and Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs, to inform a  prevention policy agenda toward the development of a Transgender Wellness Center.  Two, to develop culturally competent primary and mental health intervention protocols and train professionals on these protocols.  Three, to evaluate existing local interventions to assess their ability for adaptation to other transgender subgroups.  Four, to develop and pilot promising interventions targeted at high-risk transgender individuals that can lead to larger, publically sustained projects.

 In 2013, the CHIPTS pilot program will support a set of related pilot studies consistent with or related to the Center priorities of eliminating HIV in Los Angeles County and promoting innovative approaches to reduce the transmission of HIV.  We are looking for pilot studies which:

  • Conduct formative research toward the development of a Transgender Wellness Center, including focus groups and community forums, with community collaborators to develop a prevention policy agenda in concert with the Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs, to better address the health needs of high-risk transgender populations.
  • Develop innovative protocols for the delivery of culturally competent primary care and mental health interventions for transgender individuals in Los Angeles County, including training protocols for professionals and, after development, pilot the intervention with community partners.
  • Evaluate current DHSP-funded homegrown community-based interventions that target transgender individuals to facilitate adaptation across multiple transgender subgroups (e.g., the adaptation of an effective intervention originally designed for transgender women for implementation with transgender men).
  • Develop and pilot an innovative intervention designed to increase self-efficacy and reduce HIV/STI risk behaviors among high-risk transgender men and women including but not limited to interventions that utilize holistic prevention strategies such as personal life coaching.

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