Project Tech Support

Interventions, Training Manuals, etc. : 

Out-of-treatment, methamphetamine-using men who have sex with men (MSM) are at extreme risk of HIV acquisition and transmission, predominantly through high-risk sexual behaviors that are facilitated by use of the drug. Project Tech Support study enrolls 50 out-of-treatment, methamphetamine-using MSM into an information technology (IT) communication intervention. Field workers conduct outreach in identified venues in the natural settings where out-of-treatment, methamphetamine-using MSM congregate. Over the course of two weeks, participants engage in a text messaging intervention and receive real-time HIV prevention messages, social support and referrals for healthier, prosocial choices regarding drug- and sexual-risk behaviors.

The study aims to:

(1) conduct formative work to assist in the development of an IT communication intervention for reducing methamphetamine use and high-risk sexual behaviors among out-of-treatment MSM;

(2) assess the feasibility and utility of the behavioral intervention on the target population; and

(3) gather indicators of the mechanism of action for this intervention, a dose-response association will be evaluated between the extent of use of IT communication system and the degree of reduction in methamphetamine use and concomitant sexual risk behaviors.

Evaluations, including biological markers for drug use and HIV serostatus are collected at baseline and two months post-intervention.  Cognitive and behavioral outcomes are measured. Findings from this study will inform the field on the feasibility of adapting an IT communication intervention for reducing sexual risk behaviors and HIV acquisition and transmission among out-of-treatment, methamphetamine-using MSM.