Recruiting and Engaging Adolescents in Creating Hope (Project REACH)

Project REACH aims to create an effective recruitment and retention method for family interventions for substance abuse and adapt culturally-appropriate substance abuse programs targeting African American adolescents who are enrolled in Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) schools and their parents (parents includes an adult guardian).
Targeted Risk Group: 
Probation youth and their families in Los Angeles
Research Methods: 
The project has two phases. The first phase is to develop an effective way to recruit families into a family intervention for substance abuse and determine how to make the intervention culturally appropriate. The family intervention that will be adapted for this project is Families that Care: Guiding Good Choices ((aka “Preparing for the Drug Free Years”) (GGC). GGC has been proven to reduce substance abuse, address family conflict through problem solving and communication techniques, and finally increase family connectedness. These activities will be done in collaboration with school administrators, probation officials, teachers, students and parents through key informant interviews and focus groups. The second phase will pilot test the adaptation of GGC in a sample of 60 African American from LACOE schools and their parents.
Local Significance: 
Expect to improve recruitment and retention in GGC, and GGC will improve family functioning and mental health, and decrease problem behaviors (HIV risk behaviors, school performance and recidivism).