Feasibility and Acceptability of PrEP and Non-occupational Npep for HIV Prevention in Los Angeles

This is a qualitative study of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and perceived barriers to implementation of biomedical prevention strategies among MSM in metropolitan Los Angeles, California. Three focus groups comprised of sixteen unique individual participants were conducted at the UCLA Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education between April 2008 and June 2008. Additionally, five key informants were interviewed individually. Three interviews were performed face-to-face, and two were performed via telephone for participant convenience.

MSM in metropolitan Los Angeles were recruited via Craigslist (www.craigslist.com), newspaper/magazine advertising, and palm-card and flyer distribution at MSM-focused locations including bars, restaurants, dance clubs, and commercial sex venues. Twenty men responded to advertising and were scheduled for three focus group dates; 16 men presented for focus group participation. Key Informants were recruited on a first-responder basis from a master list of HIV providers and community based organization staff and activists who attend UCLA HIV-related symposia and events. Each participant (focus group and key informant) was compensated $20 for their time.

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