Wei-Ti Chen, RN, CNM, PhD, FAAN

Core Affiliate, Combination Prevention Core

Wei-Ti Chen, RN, CNM, PhD, FAAN, is Associate Professor at UCLA School of Nursing. Dr. Chen specializes in intervention design, qualitative and quantitative data collection and Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview Software (ACASI) assessment. Dr. Chen’s research has addressed the unique needs of the growing number of Chinese women and children with HIV/AIDS in China and in the US. She has used mix method strategies to explore the issues facing nurses caring for, and patients with, HIV/AIDS. Her current grants are focused on understanding self- and family-management HIV-positive Asian Americans. In her past research, she developed a family care intervention that creates a comfortable and safe environment for women who are HIV-positive. Dr. Chen is one of few nurse researchers who has conducted intervention research in China and in Asian Americans.

Contact: wchen@sonnet.ucla.edu


Research Projects