Alcohol Abuse Screener: CAGE

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Alcohol use has an indirect effect on the risk for contracting HIV. Individuals under the influence of alcohol may be more likely to engage in HIV risk behaviors. The following instrument was developed to screen for alcohol abuse.

Demmie Mayfield, Gail McLeod, and Patricia Hall

Publisher: American Psychiatric Association

Mayfield, D., McLeod, G., Hall, P. (1974). The CAGE questionnaire: Validation of a new alcoholism instrument. American Journal of Psychiatry 131, 1121-1123.

Hays, R.D., Merz, J.F., Nicholas, R. (1995) Response burden, reliability, and validity of the CAGE, Short MAST, and AUDIT alcohol screening measures. Behavior Res Methods Instruments Computers 27(2):277-280 .

Internal consistency: Cronbach alpha = 0.69 (Hays et al., 1995)

HIV-Related Outcomes: