Adolescent Coping Orientation for Problem Experiences (ACOPE)

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Coping, Adolescents

This scale has been used to assess coping strategies among adolescents, and was initially developed and tested with a sample of Midwestern junior and senior high school students (Patterson and McCubbin, 1987).

Joan M. Patterson and Hamilton I. McCubbin

Publisher: The Association for the Psychiatric Study of Adolescents

Copeland, E.P., Hess, R.S. (1995). Differences in young adolescents’ coping strategies based on gender and ethnicity. Journal of Early Adolescence, 15, 203-219.

Patterson, J.M., McCubbin, H.I. (1987). Adolescent Coping Style and Behaviors – Conceptualization and Measurement. Journal of Adolescence, 10 (2): 163-186.