James Aboagye

CAB Member

James Aboagye first started his work in HIV/AIDS education in 2009 at UCLA through the Black and Latino AIDS Project, where he would do HIV/AIDS education classes through the LAUSD High Schools. After graduating from UCLA in 2011 with a B.S. in Anthropology, he continued working within the HIV/AIDS community through recruitment and education with AIDS Research Alliance on the HVTN 505 study. There he learned much about the HIV/AIDS epidemic from a research lens and wanted to continue to learn more about how he can leave a lasting impact on people. Later on he worked with the TIM Project as Research Assistant, working on a novel idea of implementing a testing intervention model solely through online means. He concurrently attended Charles Drew University where he received Pre-Med Post Baccalaureate Certificate. Finally, he currently works at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a Health Science and Behavioral Research Assistant on the Health Young Men’s Study. As a HIV/STD Testing Counselor and Phlebotomist he interacts with participants on a daily basis, while also administering surveys with the goal of getting answers to create better health outcomes for young gay and bisexual men of color. All of his experiences have continuously informed the choices and decisions he hopes to make as a future physician.”