New Reports from CHIPTS Ending the HIV Epidemic Supplement Projects

July 9th, 2020- CHIPTS is excited to share preliminary reports from our three Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) supplement projects. These one-year, formative projects were funded by the National Institute of Mental Health to enhance the implementation science knowledge base needed for the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America initiative.

  • “Regional response to HIV eradication efforts in California counties” project report: This report reflects key findings and recommendations from the project to engage A Regional Response to End the HIV Epidemic in CA. The report is intended to act as a resource to support current and future strategic collaboration among California’s EHE priority counties.
  • “Use of technology-based PrEP services to improve uptake, adherence, and persistence” project report: This report summarizes preliminary findings and next steps from the Digital PrEP community consultation to inform potential utilization of technology-based PrEP delivery to increase PrEP uptake among Los Angeles County’s priority populations.
  • “Preparing for long-acting injectable treatment for HIV in Los Angeles” project report: This report summarizes preliminary findings and recommendations from focus groups conducted with consumers, clinical stakeholders, and non-clinical stakeholders to inform efforts to prepare for implementation of long-acting injectable treatment in Los Angeles County.

We hope these preliminary reports will support the successful implementation of strategies to help end the HIV epidemic. Additionally, all three project teams are completing further analyses and will be submitting manuscripts for publication once their analyses are complete. We will share links to those manuscripts once they are available.

Please find the preliminary reports for each project available for download below: