Friday, May 21, 2021 – Researchers from UCLA and Charles Drew University in collaboration with the California Community Foundation and various community partners held a COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit aimed at supporting COVID-19 vaccination efforts in South Los Angeles, and providing the necessary resources to increase broader education, awareness, and equity around the COVID-19 vaccines.

The community leadership summit provided community and faith leaders with best practices, resources, and networking opportunities to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake and help achieve vaccine equity in South Los Angeles.

The summit was attended by 140 individuals and featured speakers from community organizations, faith-based organizations, and governmental agencies leading community efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each speaker discussed their efforts and shared their resources on how to mobilize the community to increase COVID-19 vaccine equity and uptake. The presentations were followed by a “Q&A” session to connect with organizations and their resources.

Please see a recap of the COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit below.

Presentations for download:

  1. Tracey Veal, DrPh, MBA: Tracey Veal - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  2. Robert Contreras, MBA: Robert Contreras - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  3. Jim Mangia: Jim Mangia - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  4. Robbyn Kistler Robbyn Kistler - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  5. Rev. Kamal Hassan: Rev. Kamal Hassan - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  6. Christopher Blades: Christopher Blades - COVID-19 Communtiy Leadership Summit Presentation
  7. Brenda Cruz and Michelle Tabajonda: Brenda Cruz and Michelle Tabajonda - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit
  8. Dessie Brown, Jr: Dessie Brown, Jr - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  9. Liz Schwandt, M.Ed, BCBA: Liz Schwandt - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation
  10. Samhita Llango and Tatyana Brown: Samhita Llango & Tatyana Brown - COVID-19 Community Leadership Summit Presentation


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Resource Guide for Download: COVID-19 Community Resource Guide/ Guía de Recursos Comunitarios COVID-19

Resources shared by speakers:

Vaccinate CA

Department of Public Health

Grassroots Grant Program

Kaiser Family Foundation


Other Resources shared by attendees (and in Q&A)

  • Stop the Spread is creating an open source playbook for community-based vaccinations that contains tools and practices for pop-up vaccination sites. It also contains concepts like Vaccine+ which uses the 15-30 minute monitoring period to connect vaccine recipients to health and social services. Access Stop the Spread’s playbook here (Paul-Miki Akpablie at
  • LA Department of Health Services is working on helping to vaccinate folks experiencing homelessness. If your organization is interested in helping vaccinate folks experiencing homelessness across LA County, or just wants to hear what the program offers, please email Matthew Tecle, LA County Department of Health Services, at
  • The UCLA against COVID-19 social media campaign provides vaccine and COVID-19 related information in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog on multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, KakaoTalk), but the primary platform is Instagram.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci’s interview with Marshawn Lynch
  • Resources for outreach to rural and conservative populations on COVID-19 vaccines access: and Ad Council’s partnership with Academy of Country Music

Please note that these resources were shared by various attendees at the summit, and are provided here for all. We hope that they will be helpful to your work. Please vet and use at your discretion.

Event Recording: