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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is awarding $2.4 million over five years to 13 organizations nationwide to distribute materials and messages from its Let’s Stop HIV Together (Together) campaign, as well as other CDC HIV resources. The work will be carried out under the campaign’s second funding cycle of the Partnering and Communicating Together (PACT) program.

Together is CDC’s evidence-based campaign aimed at stopping HIV stigma and promoting HIV testing, prevention, and treatment. The campaign is part of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative. Together includes free bilingual (English and Spanish) digital and print resources designed to reach a wide range of audiences and support health departments, community-based organizations, health care providers and community leaders in their collective effort to reach the goals outlined in EHE.

PACT organizations will promote Together campaign elements on their social and digital channels as well as at virtual and in-person events. The organizations have a history of working within communities most affected by HIV. As trusted sources of information within their communities, PACT organizations will use their extensive networks to expand the reach of the Together campaign. They will engage, educate, and mobilize communities to reduce the number of new HIV infections, improve the health of people with HIV, and reduce HIV-related stigma and disparities.

For more information about the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign, visit the campaign’s website. You will find resources to support efforts to stop HIV stigma and promote HIV testingprevention, and treatment.

PACT Member Organizations

Funding and activities for the PACT program are divided into two categories: A) Digital and Social Media and B) Events.

Category A: Digital and Social Media

Category B: Events