A Webinar Series on Women and HIV/AIDS: Clinical Concepts from WHICC

Through May 31, 2013, previously recorded free webinars from the Women & HIV International Clinical Conference (WHICC), organized collaboratively each year by the Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education & Training Center (TX/OK AETC) and the Colorado AIDS Education & Training Center (CAETC) will be available.  The webinars will focus on migrant women and will center around the following theme:

“Women on the Move”  

Click here for additional information and to access previously recorded free webinars.

The Women & HIV International Clinical Conference (WHICC) has historically addressed the challenges facing women with HIV. This year, the Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education & Training Center (TX/OK AETC) is pleased to collaborate with the Colorado AIDS Education & Training Center (CAETC) for this timely theme, Women on the Move, which will address the care of migrant women with HIV. This previously recorded free webinar series consists of individual sessions presented by experts in the field of treating women with HIV and/or migrant populations. Each session is self-paced and you will be able to view them at your convenience, available 24 hours/7 days a week on the Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education and Training website included above.  Clinicians attending will gain competencies in linkage to care,  HIV prevention and treatment for migrant women.

**FREE Medical, Nursing, & Social Work continuing education credits available**


Session 1 – HIV in Migrant Women

Session 2 – Reproduction Needs in Migrant Women

Session 3 – Panel:HIV & Human Trafficking

Session 4 – HIV Treatment Update

Session 5 – Global Health Comes Home: HIV in the US Foreign-Born Population

Session 6 – Risk Factors for and Prevention of Vaginal Transmission of HIV to Women


Questions:  Please email questions to Ashley Tijerina or call her at (214) 590-6686.