Methods Seminar – Michael Shin, PhD on Mapping Health

Michael Shin, PhD
Associate Professor, UCLA Department of Geography,
Geospatial @ UCLA

Tuesday, April 10, 2pm – 3pm

Center for Community Health, UCLA Wilshire Center
10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 350, Room 350-46 (Conference Room)

Health happens. What’s more is that health happens somewhere. Our understanding of how geography can define, shape, influence and inform health outcomes, policies, and interventions remains largely underdeveloped. This seminar provides an overview of how geospatial concepts, methods and approaches can complement and extend our understanding of health. Three brief analytical vignettes are presented to encourage and to stimulate further discussion on the potential of incorporating geospatial approaches into healthcare research, policies and interventions. First, variations in Medicare spending are situated and explored within a geographic framework. Second, the association between obesity and voting, and their respective and coincident geographies, are reviewed. Finally, results from a field experiment designed to increase civic engagement across Los Angeles are discussed in relation to making Angelenos healthier.

The CHIPTS’ Methods Core hosts a monthly seminar series, which are one-hour workshops on research and statistical methods.  The seminars are open to HIV researchers, faculty, students, and community. To see previous seminars, check out the Methods Seminar tag or you can find seminar videos on our Youtube Channel! This series is hosted by the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) and made possible by funds from the National Institute of Mental Health (MH058107).