Supporting, Engaging and Partnering with Youth in LA to address HIV

Mia Humphrey & Daniel Solis – Supporting, Engaging and Partnering with Youth in Los Angeles County to address HIV

This presentation will explore the role of social determinants of health in response to
concerns regarding the HIV continuum of care and youth. The presentation will provide
working definitions; highlight strategies for adults to more effectively partner with
youth; and provide a space for discussion around how to apply concepts to community
planning in Los Angeles County.

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Mia Humphreys, MSW is the capacity building coordinator at the SYPP Center at CHLA.
She is responsible for the coordination and delivery of capacity building assistance
nationally, which includes building relationships with partner agencies and communities,
developing trainings and materials/tools to assist providers in building their cultural
competency for working with youth and LGBTQ communities, coalition development
and sustainability, and facilitates strategic planning processes for system-level change.

Daniel Solis is the training specialist at the SYPP Center at CHLA. He has worked in a
number of youth-focused community-based organizations serving diverse communities
of youth. He is responsible for coordinating curriculum development and providing
capacity building trainings to meet the evolving needs of youth-serving agencies and
coalitions throughout the United States.