CHIPTS New CAB Co-Chairs Share Their Vision for the New Year (2019-2020)

CHIPTS welcomed our newly elected CHIPTS Community Advisory Board Co-Chairs, Dahlia Ferlito and Chassity Griffin, to the position on Friday, October 18th, 2019 for the 2019-2020 year. Dahlia, who was re-elected for a third term, and Chassity both have a great wealth of experience and vision that will direct the CAB in reaching its full potential. The CHIPTS CAB has long been a place of collaboration and discussion between our researchers and the communities affected by HIV. The goal of this advisory group is to ensure the research, dissemination, and activities conducted by CHIPTS researchers are relevant and meaningful to the lives of the diverse communities we serve.

Dahlia and Chassity each shared their thoughts on leading this board together for the upcoming year:

Dahlia hopes to continue building synergy within the CAB and to develop projects that bring about change for people affected by HIV in Los Angeles and beyond. With the CAB being an active team of members possessing a tremendous amount of expertise in various content areas, she is excited for the possibilities in harnessing the Board’s collective power to support research initiatives and translate knowledge acquired through research to communities in an accessible and meaningful way.

Chassity echoed similar sentiments. She has a set the primary intention to lead the CAB in their efforts to continue driving meaningful activities serving communities affected by HIV. To this end, her goal is to facilitate a space where the CAB can translate their ideas into supporting the development of research at CHIPTS, and also translate those ideas into initiatives that will have the greatest impact for the populations being served. Lastly, Chasity aims to collaboratively work with Dahlia, encouraging the CAB to bring value based contributions that will ultimately help improve the lives and health outcomes of at-risk and affected populations.

Both Co-Chairs are looking forward to continue guiding the CAB in a progressive direction, helping to create awareness, provide feedback to investigators, and effectively disseminate research information to target communities.

We are so excited to have them on board this year!