Colloquium: “Covered California and HIV in LA County: Getting Everyone on the Same Page”

August 8, 2013 – Mr. Tom Donohoe, Director of the UCLA Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center, presented on the Affordable Care Act.  The presentation was given as part of the HIV Community and Research Colloquia Series hosted by the Los Angeles County (LAC) Commission on HIV and the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS).   The presentation specifically focused on Covered California (California’s health insurance marketplace) and how it impacts consumers living with HIV in Los Angeles County.  Using case-based examples, the presentation helped to dispel misconceptions about what health care reform will do and not do for these populations infected and affected by HIV.   The event was attended by over 130 participants, including members of the LAC’s Commission on HIV, local HIV service providers, key community stakeholders, and consumers of HIV prevention and care services.   For a copy of the slides presented at the meeting, please click here.  To view the presentation, please click below.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion.  The panelists included Derrick Butler, MD of THE Clinic, Aaron Fox of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, John Riley of AIDS Project Los Angeles, Carlos Vega-Matos of Los Angeles County Division of HIV and STD Programs, and Michael Kelly.   To view the panel discussion, please click below.


CHIPTS hosts a monthly HIV Research and Community Colloquia Series in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV to highlight current issues and conversations surrounding HIV. Click here for past lectures and check out the events page for more information on future Colloquia presentations!