Colloquium: “HIV and HIV-Related Stigma in Native and Indigenous Communities”

June 13th, 2019 — At this month’s commission meeting, we held a panel to discuss the impact of HIV/AIDS and HIV-related disparities within Native and Indigenous communities. Additionally, solutions were highlighted on what our society can do to decrease experienced stigma, acknowledge historic trauma, and respect the leadership to develop sounds programs/policies by these communities. Our panelists included community member Leland Morrill and Professor Gabriel Estrada from California State University, Long Beach. The panel was also facilitated by moderator Mark Parra from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.  The Indigenous identities represented included, but were not exclusive to, the Diné, Caxcan Nahua, Raramuri, Chiricahua Apache, and Chicana/o ancestries.

You can find the flyer available for download below as well as the full video of the panel (also available on Youtube).

Colloquia Series- Panel on Native and Indigenous Communities (58 downloads)

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