UCLA Research Study Volunteer Project (RSVP)


HIV RSVP is a program matching interested individuals in Los Angeles County with HIV related research at UCLA. We want everyone in Los Angeles who is interested in clinical trials to be able to find one that fits their needs.

What is HIV RSVP?

RSVP stands for Research Study Volunteer Project. It is a UCLA program that matches volunteers with studies that may be of interest to them and that they might be eligible for. To do this, a volunteer must enroll in the RSVP program and once registered, RSVP can match the person with studies based on the answers they give in the registration process.

Joining RSVP does not automatically enter you into any research studies. Once you sign up for RSVP, you will be contacted by RSVP staff any time you might be eligible for a study. We will give you the contact information for that study and it will always be your choice to contact the research team or not to see if you are eligible or not through a more thorough screening.

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