UCLA IMPACT 2012 Runner Up: Silent Love

Congratulations to the IMPACT 2012 Runner-Up!

“Silent Love” by:

Nestor Venegas, Ari DeLeon, Fanny Ramirez, Patrick Freeman, Victor Hernandez, Cesar Hernandez, Julio Reyes, and Manny Pacheco

 “Silent Love” was the product of one of the many HIV prevention programs at Vista Community Clinic which targets youth of color in non-traditional school settings (e.g., juvenile justice system, alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, homeless shelters, etc.). 

The program, titled CHATncsd, is an initiative funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health.  The program is unique in that it utilizes peer health educators to disseminate HIV prevention messages in person and via social media. 

They are currently using Facebook (facebook.com/CHATncsd), Twitter (twitter.com/CHATncsd), and YouTube(youtube.com/CHATncsd) to accomplish this objective (YouTube houses the rest of the videos that were created through this program).  

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