UCLA CFAR, AIDS Institute, and UCLA CTSI Accepting Letters of Intent for Seed Grant Proposals

The UCLA Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), AIDS Institute and the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) are accepting Letters of Intent for seed grant proposals to encourage multidisciplinary collaborations in innovative, unmet, and/or emerging areas of research. 

Multidisciplinary Collaboration -HIV/AIDS -Basic Science
Applicants are invited to submit proposals focused in AIDS-related areas that include studies on viral gene expression, host cell interactions, immune responses to HIV, mechanisms of AIDS lymphoma growth, pathogenesis of opportunistic infectious agents, mechanisms of AIDS dementia, drug and vaccine development, gene therapy, studies of viral RNA expression and DNA levels in infected patients and mechanisms of HIV 1 drug and immune resistance, microbicides and mucosal immunology, and stem cell related approaches to HIV/AIDS.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration -HIV/AIDS -Clinical
Applicants are invited to submit proposals focused in AIDS areas that include studies on the clinical manifestations of HIV and its associated diseases, their treatment or complications of therapy, clinical observational studies, retrospective or prospective clinical outcomes research, treatment interventions or epidemiology studies with a clear clinical focus. Basic laboratory studies, preclinical investigations and social or group observational or interventional studies are not supported by this RFA.

The goal of these grants is to encourage collaborations between multiple disciplines and CTSI institutions and to develop preliminary data for future submissions of program projects or equivalent.

Funding level: A single, multi-disciplinary project for each RFA will be funded, up to a maximum of $200,000 direct costs.

Project period: 2 years (earliest start date, July 1st 2012).

Letters of Intent: 4pm May 1, 2012

Full Proposal:  4pm June 4, 2012

Please see attached RFAs for more information.

Collaborative RFA for Basic (296)

Collaborative RFA for Clinical (328)