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Hope for Malawi: The UCLA Program in Global Health is helping to bring state-of-the-art HIV testing and treatment to one of Africa’s poorest nations.

14.8 Million and Counting: Legions of African children—many of them barely more than toddlers, moost of them unschooled and unskilled—are struggling too hold their families and their cultures together against overwhelming odds.

Power Up The Pediatric AIDS Coalition at UCLA raises more than $400,000 for research and treatment through Dance Marathon 2011, and makes the AIDS Institute one of its beneficiaries.

A Tickle, Not an Elbow in the Ribs Dr. David Brooks returns to UCLA to develop therapies that alleviate immune suppression while reinforcing positive stimulation of the immune system.

Stem Cells: A New Avenue of AIDS Research The UCLA AIDS Institute convenes the first-ever scientific symposium on the role that stem cells may play in preventing—and treating—HIV infection.


The UCLA AIDS Institute conducts vital HIV prevention and treatment programs, and cutting-edge research, in venues as remote as East Africa and as familiar as Westwood