Tiffany Cvrkel, PhD at CHIPTS Methods Seminar – UCLA-Semel Institute Center for Community Health

The Ethics of PrEP: Vulnerable Populations, Limited Resources, and the Public Good


Tiffany Cvrkel, PhD
Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
University of California, Los Angeles


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With evidence mounting that some combinations of antiretroviral agents may be used effectively as “pre-exposure prophylaxis” (PrEP) to prevent the spread of HIV, clinicians, researchers, and policy-makers must now decide when and how to best use this intervention. While the science has been extremely promising, the use of PrEP presents social and ethical challenges. This talk will explore the ethical controversies around the use of PrEP. We will address concerns that members of the public have raised and then discuss ethical issues that have not yet received adequate consideration. By the end of this talk, we will have sorted ethical challenges that can be sufficiently overcome from ethical challenges that still demand further attention.