HIV Implementation Science

Syllabus – Implementation Science

Journal Articles

Community-based trials of sexually transmitted disease treatment repercussions for epidemiology and HIV prevention
Control of sexually transmitted diseases for AIDS prevention in Uganda a randomized community trial
Impact of improved treatment of sexually transmitted diseases on HIV infection in rural Tanzania randomized controlled trial
Drug use, sexual behaviors and practices among male drug users in Hanoi, Vietnam a qualitative study
Distance to Public Test Sites and HIV Testing
Disruptive innovations for designing and diffusing evidence-based interventions
ZIP Code Correlates of HIV Testing A Multi-level Analysis in Los Angeles
Women, Inequality, and the Burden of HIV
When to Start Antiretroviral Therapy — Ready When You Are
Value of a mobile information system to improve quality of care by community health workers
Updating the HIV-Testing Guidelines — A Modest Change with Major Consequences
Universal voluntary testing and treatment for prevention of HIV transmission.
Transmission of HIV and other infections in Southeast Asia
Towards Combination HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users Addressing Addictophobia, Apathy and Inattention
Towards an Understanding of Risk Behavior An AIDS Risk Reduction Model (ARRM)
The Spectrum of Engagement in HIV Care and its Relevance to Test-and-Treat Strategies for Prevention of HIV Infection
The Serostatus Approach to Fighting the HIV Epidemic prevention strategies for infected individuals.
The role of epidemiology in challenging the HIVAIDS pandemic
The past, present and future of HIV prevention_integrating behavioral, structural intervention strategies for the next generation of HIV prevention
The Methamphetamine Epidemic Implications for HIV Prevention and Treatment
The Ins and Outs of HIV
The immune response during acute HIV 1 infection clues for vaccine development
The Early Days of AIDS, As I Remember Them
Structural approaches to HIV prevention
Standardized functions for smartphone applications_examples from maternal and child health
Social Action Theory for a Public Health Psychology
Scoreboard Open Source Monitoring and Evaluation for HIV Education
Scaling up mHealth_Where is the evidence
Scaling up AIDS treatment what is the potential impact and what are the risks
Ryan White HIVAIDS Program Routine HIV Testing, Public Health, and the USPSTF — An End to the Debate
Review A critical evaluation of arguments opposing male circumcision for HIV prevention in developed countries
Results of the NIMH Collaborative HIV_STD prevention trial of a community popular opinion leader intervention
Replicating Effective Programs Plus
Religious groups as diffusers of HIV antibody testing and prevention messages
Reductions in sexually transmitted infections associated with popular opinion leader in China in a randomised controlled trial
Reductions in drug use among young people living with HIV
Rationing Antiretroviral Therapy in Africa — Treating Too Few, Too Late
Public funding of HIVAIDS prevention, treatment, and support in California.
Prevention of HIV-1 Infection with Early Antiretroviral Therapy Prevention for substance using HIV-positive young people_telephone and in-person delivery
Preexposure Chemoprophylaxis for HIV Prevention in Men Who Have Sex with Men
Pharmacies as providers of expanded health services for people who inject drugs a review of laws, policies, and barriers in six countries
Outcomes of home visits for pregnant township mothers and their infants_a cluster randomised controlled trial
Opportunities for HIV combination prevention to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities
NeuroAIDS An Evolving Epidemic
Missed opportunities for HIV testing and counselling in Asia
Methamphetamine use and infectious disease‐related behaviors in men who have sex with men implications for interventions
Market Power and State Costs of HIVAIDS Drugs
Lifetime Substance Use and HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors Predict Treatment Response to Contingency Management Among Homeless, Substance-Dependent MSM
Left behind Black America a neglected priority in the global AIDS epidemic
Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheet, February 2005
Interim guidance preexposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV infection in men who have sex with men
Intergenerational benefits of family based HIV interventions
Innovation in sexually transmitted disease and HIV prevention_internet and mobile phone delivery vehicles for global diffusion
Improving the health and mental health of people living with HIV_AIDS_12 month assessment of a behavioral intervention in Thailand
Implementing the National HIVAIDS Strategy Overview of Agency Operational Plans, 2011
Identifying preferences for mobile health applications for self-monitoring and self-management_focus group findings from HIV-positive persons and young mothers
IAPAC Recommendations to the Obama Administration for the US Response to the Global HIV Pandemic
HIV prevention and cure insights come from failiure and success
HIV and Aging — Preparing for the Challenges Ahead
High Impact HIVAIDS Prevention Project (HIP) is CDC’s approach to reducing HIV infections in the United States development of a theory-based HIVSTI website for young black MSM.
Halting HIVAIDS epidemics
Global report UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2013
Family wellness, not HIV prevention
Evidence based family wellness intervention, still not HIV prevention_Reply to Collins
Efficacy of a preventive intervention for youth living with HIV
Effectiveness of Structural-Level Needle Syringe Programs to Reduce HCV and HIV Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs A Systematic Review
Effectiveness and safety of tenofovir gel, an antiretroviral microbicide, for the prevention of HIV infection in women.
Effect of Early versus Deferred Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV on Survival
Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Reponse Plan in West Africa
Ebola 2014 — New Challenges, New Global Response and Responsibility
Contingency management for tobacco smoking in methadone-maintained opiate addicts.
Community Involvement Raises HIV Testing Rates
Dimagi HIV Mobile Decision Support
An intervention for parents with AIDS and their adolescent children
AIDS in America–forgotten but not gone.
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Achieving and Advancing the Goals of the National HIVAIDS Strategy for the United States
A US Policy Perspective on Oral Preexposure Prophylaxis for HIV
A critical evaluation of arguments opposing male circumcision for HIV prevention in developed countries
A Computational Future for Preventing HIV in Minority Communities How Advanced Technology Can Improve Implementation of Effective Programs
A Community-level HIV Prevention
A community empowerment approach to the HIV response among sex workers effectiveness, challenges, and considerations for implementation and scale-up
Common factors in effective HIV prevention programs
Coming to terms with complexity a call to action for HIV prevention
ARVs as HIV Prevention A Tough Road to Wide Impact
Are HIVAIDS conspiracy beliefs a barrier to HIV prevention among African Americans

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