Self-Efficacy for Negotiating Condom Use Scale

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This scale has been used to assess self-efficacy for negotiating condom use among adolescents. The internal consistency of the scale was .69 with a sample of Latino and African American adolescents living with HIV. See references below for a description of the study. These items make up a subscale of a more comprehensive measure

Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus

Center for Community Health, Semel Institute-Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Rotheram-Borus, M.J., Murphy, D.A., Coleman, C.L., Kennedy, M., Reid, H.M., Cline, T.R., Birnbaum, J.M., Futterman, D., Levin, L., Schneir, A., Chabon, B., O’Keefe, Z., & Kipke, M. (1997). Risk acts, health care, and medical adherence among HIV+ youths in care over time. AIDS and Behavior, 1, 43-52.

Rotheram-Borus, M.J., Murphy, D.A., Reid, H.M., & Coleman, C.L. (1996). Correlates of emotional distress among HIV+ youths: health status, stress, and personal resources. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 18, 16-23.

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