Family Interdependence Scale

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The Family Interdependence Scale asses the cultural values that adolescents place on closeness, interdependence, and obligations within a family.

Phinney & Madden, 1997

Phinney, J., Dennis, J., & Osorio, S. (in press). Reasons to attend college among ethnically diverse college students: Cultural and social class influences. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Phinney, J., Kim-Jo, T., Osorio, S., & Vilhjalmsdottir, P. (2005). Autonomy and relatedness in adolescent-parent disagreements: Ethnic and developmental factors. Journal of Adolescent Research, 20, 1-30.

Phinney, J., Ong, A., & Madden, T. (2000). Cultural values and intergenerational value discrepancies in immigrant and non-immigrant families. Child Development, 71, 528-539.

Cronbach alpha ranges from 0.71 to 0.86

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STRIVE (Support To Reunite, Involve and Value Each Other)