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Date postedFebruary 7, 2012
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The Stereotypes About AIDS Questionnaire (SAAQ) consists of 4 sections. Section A has 30 items; Section B has 35 items; Section C has 30 items; and Section D has 20 items. In responding to the SAAS, individuals are asked to indicate how much they agree versus disagree with each statement, using a 5-point Likert format: agree (+2); slightly agree (+1); neither agree nor disagree (0); slightly disagree (-1); and disagree (-2). In order to create subscale scores, the items on each subscale are averaged. Higher positive (negative) scores correspond to greater agreement (disagreement) with the stereotypes measured by the SAAQ. The SAAQ consists of 15 separate subscales. Several SAAS items are reversed-scored (A8, A20, A21, C2, C12, AND D4) before the subscales are computed. The 4 subscales for Section A are: (1) the need for AIDS-related education (A4, A6, A12, A18, A20, A22, A24, A28, A30); (2) AIDS-related confidentiality (A2, A3, A8, A9, A14, A21, A26, A27); (3) the transmission of AIDS (A5, A11, A15, A17, A23, A29); and (4) AIDS is caused by homosexuality (A1, A7, A13, A19, A25). The 5 subscales for Section B are: (1) the desire to avoid those afflicted with AIDS (B1, B22, B23, B24, B34, B35); (2) AIDS was not perceived as self-relevant (B5, B6, B7, B8); (3) a closeminded approach to AIDS (B13, B16, B17); (4) the issue of AIDS is being exaggerated (B3, B10, B25, B29); and (5) the notion that AIDS is a moral punishment (B9, B32, B33). The 4 subscales for Section C are: (1) the belief that AIDS is a threat to medical staff (C3, C4, C6, C11, C12, C18); (2) protecting the U.S. blood supply system from AIDS (C2, C5, C7, C17, C25, C27); (3) cure for AIDS (C9, C10, C23); and (4) AIDS testing should be conducted (C13, C14). The 2 subscales for Section D are: (1) the relationship between AIDS and sexual activity (D1, D2, D4 TO D9, D12, D13) and (2) the prevention of AIDS through the use of condoms (D3, D10, D17, D18, D19).

William E. Snell, Jr., SE Missouri State University; Phil Finney, SE Missouri State University; Lisa J. Godwin, SE Missouri State University

Address all correspondence to: William E. Snell, Jr. (PHONE: 573-651-2447; FAX: 573-651-2176), Department of Psychology, One University Plaza #5700, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701, USA. Address E-mail to: wesnell@SEMO.EDU.

Snell, W. E., Jr., Finney, P. D., & Godwin, L. J. (1991). Stereotypes about AIDS. Contemporary Social Psychology, 15, 18-38.

Snell, Finney, and Godwin (1991) found that for Section A (Stereotypic Beliefs About AIDS) of the SAAQ, the reliabilities ranged from a low of .75 to a high of .85; that for Section B (Personal Attitudes About AIDS) of the SAAQ, the reliabilities ranged from a low of .72 to a high of .87; that for Section C (Medical Issues related to AIDS) of the SAAQ, the reliabilities ranged from a low of .64 to a high of .83; and that for Section D (Sexuality and AIDS) of the SAAQ, the Cronbach alpha’s were .86 and .78, respectively.

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