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Date postedFebruary 6, 2012
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This scale has been used to assess general self-efficacy. The scale was originally developed by Sherer and colleagues (1982). The 12-item version of the scale reported here was modified from the original by Bosscher and Smit (1998).

Three subscales are reported by Bosscher and Smit (1998)
Initiative: items 1-3
Effort: items 4-8
Persistence: items 9-12

Mark Sherer, James E. Maddux, Blaise Mercadante, Steven Prentice-Dunn, Beth Jacobs, and Ronald W. Rogers

Publisher: Psychological Reports

Bosscher, R.J. & Smit, J.H. (1998). Confirmatory factor analysis of the general self-efficacy scale. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 36, 339-343.

Sherer, M., Maddux, J.E., Mercadante, B., Prentice-Dunn, S., Jacobs, B., and Rogers, R.W. (1982) The self-efficacy scale: Construction and Validation Psychological Reports, 51, 663-671.

12-item scale: Internal consistency
Cronbach alpha (whole scale) = 0.69
Cronbach alpha (initiative) = 0.64
Cronbach alpha (effort) = 0.63
Cronbach alpha (persistence) = 0.64 (Bosscher and Smit, 1998)
17-item scale: Internal consistency
Cronbach alpha (whole scale) = 0.86 (Sherer et al., 1982)