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Date postedFebruary 3, 2012
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A variety of multiple-item composites and single-item outcome measures based on the ARA have been used in studies that examine during-treatment and posttreatment changes in particular risk domains (see references listed below). Several factor analytic and configural scoring strategies have served as a basis for index construction models, yielding drug use and sex risk scales with coefficient alphas above .70. The criterion definitions as well as psychometric attributes, however, depend in part on the type of study sample involved; thus, no standardized or normative measures representing “risk levels” have been defined. Predictive validity is indicated by studies showing relationship of single and composite risk measures with cocaine use and psychosocial functioning, as well as changes in risk levels over time.

D. Dwayne Simpson, Ph.D., IBR Director

Joe, G. W., Menon, R., Copher, J. I., & Simpson, D. D. (1990, December). Needle-use and sex risk indices: A methodological report. Research in Progress: National AIDS Demonstration Research (NADR) Project. Bethesda, MD: NOVA Research Company.

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coefficient alphas above .70.