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The Life Satisfaction Index-version A (LSIA) is a 20-item questionnaire providing a cumulative score acknowledged as a valid index of quality of life. A Modification of the instrument, the LSI-Z, has 13 items. Dimensions measured include: Zest for life; resolution and fortitude; congruence between desired and achieved goals; high physical, psychological, and social self-concept; happy, optimistic mood tone.

Total scale score based on number of subject agreements with specific responses to individual items (possible range for LSI-A with one point given for each agreement: 0-20; possible range for LSI-Z with 2 points given for each agreement: 0-26)

BL Neugarten, RJ Havighurst, SS Tobin


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The LSI has been shown to generate cronbach alpha’s equaling 0.74
“Consistency” of measurement reported to be best in people over age 65.

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