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Date postedFebruary 2, 2012
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The McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire is designed to measure quality of life for people with life-threatening illness. While the scale was reported in 1995 (Cohen et al., 1995), the version here (16-item) is as the scale appears in Cohen et al., 1996. Four subscales were identified through factor analysis (Cohen et al., 1996):

Physical: items 1-4
Psychological: items 5-8
Existential: items 9-14
Support domains: items 15, 16

S. Robin Cohen, Balfour M. Mount, Michael G. Strobel, France Bui, and McGill University

McGill University; Publisher: Edward Arnold

Cohen, S.R., Hassan, S.A., Lapointe, B.J., and Mount, B.M. (1996). Quality of life in HIV disease by the McGill quality of life questionnaire. AIDS, 10, 1421-1427.

Cohen, S.R., Mount, B.M., Strobel, M.G., and Bui, F. (1995) The McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire: a measure of quality of life appropriate for people with advanced disease. A preliminary study of validity and acceptability, Palliative Medicine, 9, 207-219.

Internal consistency: Cronbach alpha
Whole scale = 0.83
Physical symptoms = 0.84
Psychological symptoms = 0.77
Existential well-being = 0.86
Support domains: 0.83 (Cohen et al., 1996)

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