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The PBI is a 25-item self-report measure using a 4 point likert response format, assessing the individual’s perception of his or her parents during the first 16 years of life. One form is completed for each parent. The PBI measures perceived maternal and paternal “care” and “overprotection.” Care involves a dimension from parental affection, warmth and empathy (high scores) to parental coldness, indifference and rejection (low scores). Overprotection or control ranges from intrusiveness and infantilization (high scores) through to the detached promotion of independence (low scores). Twelve of the items are Care items, which allows for a maximum score of 36 for the Care dimension, and thirteen of the items are the Overprotection items, which allows for a maximum score of 39 for the Overprotection dimension. The PBI has good psychometric properties and is insensitive to the effects of the respondent’s mood (e.g., Parker, 1989). There is considerable support for its validity as a measure of both actual and perceived parenting, based on studies using family corroborative witnesses, twin studies, and studies using independent raters (e.g., MacKinnon et al., 1993; Parker, 1989; Parker and Lipscombe, 1981; Neale et al., 1994).

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Cronbach alpha:

Maternal/Paternal Care=0.85

Maternal/Paternal Overprotection=0.69