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Date postedFebruary 2, 2012
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These are questions that have been used in various CCH assessments. Assessments will either include all of the questions or a selected portion. These questions do not represent a scale.

A measure of Positive Attitudes toward Living at Home, designed by Glezer (1984), dealt with positive or negative evaluations of one’s family of origin. It was based on six statements.

Glezer, H. (1984). “Antecedents and correlates of marriage and family attitudes in young Australian men and women.” Proceedings of the XXth International CFR Seminar on Social Change and Family Policies, Key Papers, Part 1. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies., 81-147.

Amato, P.R. (1988). Parental Divorce and Attitudes toward Marriage and Family Life. Journal of Marriage and Family, 50(2), 453-461. Published by: National Council on Family Relations