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Date postedFebruary 1, 2012
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Mental Health


The PSOMS was included based on findings that positive states of mind have been shown associated with better general perceptions of health [15]. This measure is designed to detect subtle changes in the ability to achieve and appreciate positive experiences. It provides a discrete measure of seven specific states (including focused attention, productivity, sharing, responsible caretaking, restful repose, sensuous nonsexual and sexual pleasure) as a summation of the individual’s ability to achieve each of these positive states of mind within the last 7 days. The response categories used to rate each state range from 0 to 3 where 0 represents an inability to achieve the state and 3 represents full attainment. Cronbach’s alpha has been reported at 0.65 in a university sample


N.E. Adler


Adler N.E., Horowitz, M., Garcia, A., Moyer, A.: Additional validation of a scale to assess positive states of mind. Psychosomatic Medicine 1998, 60:26-32.