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This scale has been used to assess parental social support among adolescents (Aneshensel and Sucoff, 1996). Adolescents that come from families where social support is high may be less likely to engage in HIV risk behaviors as well as other externalizing behaviors. This scale been used with Latino and African American adolescents and has a reliability of .90 (Sneed et al., 1999).

Carol S. Aneshensel and Clea A. Sucoff

Carol S. Aneshensel and Clea A. Sucoff

Aneshensel, C.S. & Sucoff, C.A. (1996). The neighborhood context of adolescent mental health. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 37, 293-310. Note: Items are not shown in the article.

Sneed, C.D., Morisky, D.E., Rotheram-Borus, M.J., Ebin, V.J., & Malotte, C.K. (2001). Patterns and predictors of adolescent alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use over a six-month period. Addictive Behaviors 26 (3): 415-423