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The Janis and Field Feeling of Inadequacy Scale contains 9 subscales including Feelings of Inadequacy, Social Inhibitions, Argumentativeness and Suspiciousness.

The Janis–Field Feelings of Inadequacy scale (FIS; Fleming & Courtney, 1984; Janis & Field, 1959) is a 26-item measure of self-esteem. Responses were made on scales from 1 (never/not at all) to 7 (always/very much).

Irving L. Janis; Carl I. Hovland; Peter B. Field; Harriet Linton; Elaine Graham; Arthur R. Cohen; Donald Rife; Robert P. Abelson; Gerald S. Lesser; Bert T. King

Yale University Press, 1959

Janis, I. L., & Field, P. B. (1959). Sex differences and factors related to persuasibility. In C. I. Hovland & I.L. Janis (Eds.), Personality and persuasibility. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Fleming, J. S., & Courtney, B. E. (1984). The dimensionality of self-esteem II: Hierarchical facet model for revised measurement scales. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46, 404–421.

Split-half reliability, a measure of internal consistency, is reported to be between .48 and .83 for the various scales.