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Date postedJanuary 31, 2012
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The following scale can be used to assess social support among adolescents (Seidman et al., 1995). A 21-item social support measure can be derived from the instructions below. This type of scale was originally developed by Cauce and colleagues (Cauce et al., 1982). See Seidman et al., 1995, for information on subscales.

Ana Mari Cauce

Publisher: Plenum Publishing

Seidman, E., Allen, L., Aber. J.L., Mitchell, C., Feinman, J., Yoshikawa, H., Comtois, K.A., Golz, J., Miller, R.L., Ortiz-Torres, B., Roper, G.C. (1995). Development and validation of adolescent perceived microsystem scales: social support, daily hassles, and involvement. American Journal of Community Psychology, 23, 355 – 388.

Cauce, A., Felner, R.D., and Primavera, J. (1982) Social support in high-risk adolescents: Structural components and adaptive impact. American Journal of Community Psychology, 10, 417-428

Internal consistency:
Cronbach alpha = 0.80 (Seidman et al., 1995)