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Date postedJanuary 25, 2012
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Emotional Social Support was constructed as a composite variable based on the two subscales (emotional/informational support & affectionate support) in the Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Scale (Sherbourne, & Stewart, 1991). The social support scale included both emotional/informational support, measured by eight items, and affectionate support including three items. Responses to individual items ranged from 1 (none of the time) to 5 (all of the time). We combined the two sub-scales because they were highly correlated to yield a composite scale with a satisfactory internal consistency (α = .86). This summative composite score ranged from 11 to 55.

Emotional Social Support:

1. Someone you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk
2. Someone to give you information to help you understand a situation
3. Someone to give you good advice about a crisis
4. Someone to confide in or talk to about yourself or your problems
5. Someone whose advice you really want
6. Someone to share your most private worries and fears with
7. Someone to turn to for suggestions about how to deal with a personal problem
8. Someone who understands your problems
9. Someone who shows you love and affection
10. Someone to love and make you feel wanted
11. Someone who hugs you

Sherbourne, C.D., & Stewart, A.L. (1991). The MOS Social Support Survey. Social Science Medicine, 32(6), 705-714.