Los Angeles County Methamphetamine Prevention Initiative

There is a significant unmet need in Los Angeles County for methamphetamine-specific training, and community service agencies and outreach workers need education and training on effective approaches to engage and serve persons in the community at risk. Training and technical assistance is also needed for service providers on the latest evidence-based methamphetamine treatment approaches.

More specifically, trainings are needed that cover methamphetamine-specific issues crucial for the development of skills by medical providers, clinicians and outreach workers serving clients who use methamphetamine and address specific concerns around providing culturally appropriate care for specific populations. These trainings address issues such as: mental health considerations, psychological complications, sexual and cybersex addiction and current evidence based treatments.

This training project included the following activities:

  • providing consultation and technical assistance to the Los Angeles County Alcohol and Drug Program Administration (ADPA) and the Office of AIDS Programs and Policy (OAPP)
  • developing training curricula and module for ADPA or OAPP-funded substance abuse or HIV/AIDS treatment providers
  • developing and disseminating web-based training module
  • providing in-service trainings for Los Angeles County Methamphetamine Task Forces
  • providing in-service trainings for ADPA and OAPP-funded Drug Abuse and HIV prevention agencies serving young women
  • providing tailored technical assistance