F2F: Psycho-education to Improve Children’s Outcomes in HIV+ Families in Thailand

This project aims to support adults in HIV-affected families in order to improve their children’s well-being. UCLA’s Center for Community Health (CCH) , in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Public Health, Bureau of Epidemiology, will develop the Family-to-Family (F2F) intervention in order to improve the social, behavioral and mental health outcomes for children affected by HIV.

In Phase 1, we pilot tested the current intervention contents and activities by collecting qualitative data (focus groups and in-depth qualitative interviews) from HIV+ families in the four district hospitals in Chiang Rai and Nakohn Ratchasima provinces selected for the proposed study. We tested the assessment measures with the same 40 families. The findings from Phase was used to develop intervention content, as well as the format and style of the intervention for Phase 2. In addition, the findings from Phase 1 was used to finalize the assessment measures we will use in Phase 2. Phase 1 was completed in September, 2006.

In Phase 2, 400 families with HIV+ parents from 4 district hospitals in Chiang Rai & Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces will be recruited to an intervention to benefit their school-aged children aged 6-17 years. At their clinical care site, we will randomly assign families to either: 1) F2F, a psychoeducational intervention for HIV+ parents and family caregivers delivered in drop-in groups by healthcare providers; or 2) a Standard Care condition. The impact of the F2F intervention will be monitored over 24 months.

Published Journal Articles :

  1. Improving the health and mental health of people living with HIV_AIDS_12 month assessment of a behavioral intervention in Thailand (0 downloads)
  2. Benefits of family and social relationships for Thai parents living with HIV (0 downloads)
  3. Stigma, social support, and depression among people living with HIV in Thailand (0 downloads)
  4. Parents Living with HIV in China Family Functioning and quality of life (0 downloads)
  5. Effects of family support and functioning on health and compliance among Thai parents with HIV (0 downloads)

Interventions, Training Manuals, etc. : 

F2F Intervention Manual - Healthy Family Thailand: Psychoeducation to Improve Children’s Outcome in HIV+ Families in Thailand (0 downloads)


Surveys and Scales Used: 



Geographical location:

Chiang Rai and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces,Thailand

Targeted risk group

HIV-affected families, including PLH, family members, and children

Intervention model:

Cognitive behavioral therapy consisting of 4 Modules and 12 sessions.

Local significance:

The intervention improved the social, behavioral and mental health outcomes for HIV-affected families over 24 months.   The intervention was successfully incorporated into the existing healthcare infrastructure.

The local teams are currently disseminating the intervention and training other healthcare workers in other district hospitals to provide the intervention.

International significance:

It provides a multi-level intervention model for families affected by HIV.

It provides a feasible intervention that can be implemented and incorporated into the existing healthcare infrastructure in other developing countries impacted by HIV.