Request for LOIs -HIV/AIDS Translational Training Program (HATT)

The HIV/AIDS Translational Training Program (HATT) has been funded by NIMH to provide mentoring and grant related skills to post doctoral or emerging faculty who want to receive NIMH funding for research with under served and marginalized populations at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS.

On May 21 and 22, 2012, the Spring Training Institute will include presentations from scholars who have conducted seed grants and whose findings will form the basis for an R series grant application.

The HATT faculty invites up to 3 post graduate or emerging scholar faculty members to present findings from their CFAR/AIDS Institute grant, in order to receive mentorship and assistance with grant preparation.

The two day workshop from 9AM to 7PM with a working lunch and dinner included, will include presentations by faculty and will be interactive, using the format of NIH grant applications in a mock review approach.

This experience will help past CFAR/AI seed grant recipients to move their pilot research to the next level of federal or private foundation funding.

Interested applicants should contact Louise Datu (310.206.9860) or email a two page letter of intent with a summary of seed grant findings and specific aims to

HATT faculty includes:
~Gail Wyatt, Ph.D.
~Hector Myers, Ph.D.
~Norweeta Milburn, Ph.D.
~John Williams, M.D.
~Alison Hamilton, Ph.D.

Invited Reviewers:
~Anita Raj, Ph.D, UCSD
~Gilbert Gee, Ph.D, UCLA