Penile Hygiene

South Africa Feasibility Study

At a glance:

Project Name:

Penile Hygiene – South Africa Feasibility Study

Brief overview:

This feasibility study investigates promotion of an existing social norm, post-coital penile cleansing, and its potential as an HIV prevention behavioral intervention.

Geographical location: Orange Farm, South Africa

Targeted population:  Men in Orange Farm, South Africa

Intervention Model: Feasibility/acceptability study

Research methods:

We test participants’ ability to understand the study-specific counseling and consistently adhere to a genital hygiene regimen. One feature of this HIV prevention feasibility trial will be the ability to measure participants’ adherence to respective randomization arms by taking penile swabs before, during and at the end of the study.

International significance (How has this project impacted the global community?):

If the approach proves efficacious, which would require a randomized controlled trial, it would provide an additional alternative for those men who are unwilling to undergo male circumcision and/or use condoms or reduce the number of sexual partners, but who wish to protect themselves from HIV.