China TEA (Together for Empowerment Activities)- Intervention for HIV Affected Families

At a glance:

TEA for Families & Children: a Randomized Controlled Trial

HIV has impacted extended families by shifting the life patterns not only for the persons living with HIV/AIDS, but also for their children, partners, and other family members. Based on the previous pilot work we are currently conducting this 5-year randomized controlled trial of the TEA (Together for Empowerment Activities) intervention for HIV-affected families in rural areas of China.

Targeted Risk Group:

HIV-affected families, including people living with HIV (PLH), family members, and children in Anhui province, China.

Intervention model:

Social action theory.

Research Methods:

  • A randomized controlled intervention trial in 480 HIV-affected families, including 480 PLH, 480 family members and about 720 children aged 6-18.
  • Intervention outcome will be assessed by making comparison between the intervention and control groups at baseline, 6, 12, 18, and 24 month follow-ups.


Local Significance:

  1. Improve physical, mental health and quality of life of PLH, family members and children.
  2. Improve positive interaction among family members for support.
  3. Improve community integration for families impacted by HIV.

International Significance:

  1. It provides a multilevel intervention model for families affected by HIV.
  2. It provides a feasible intervention that can be implemented in poor, rural areas in the world.


Click here to download the TEA intervention manual (43)