Project TitlePrimary Investigator(s)ContactStatusScopeProject StartProject End
TEA for Families and Children: A Randomized Intervention TrialLi LiLi Licompletedinternational2011050120161031
Family-to-Family: Psychoeducation to Improve Children's Outcomes in HIV+ FamiliesLi LiLi Licompletedinternational2005092320100630
China CPOL (Community Popular Opinion Leaders) ProjectMary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedinternational
Youth LIGHTNorweeta Milburn ( Milburn (
Choosing Life: Empowerment, Action, Results! (CLEAR) for Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS)Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ph.D.Dallas Swendemancompletednational
CLEAR Uganda; SUUBI ProjectMarguerita Lightfootcompletedinternational
Teaching, Raising, and Communicating with Kids (TRACK)Debra Murphy, PhDcompletedlocal
Staying healthy: Taking Antiretrovirals Regularly (STAR)Debra Murphy, PhDcompletedlocal
PRIDEDebra Murphy, PhDcompletedlocal
Street Smart (US)Marguerita LightfootNorweeta Milburncompletednational
Support To Reunite, Involve and Value Each Other (STRIVE)Norweeta MilburnNorweeta Milburncompletedlocal
HIV Counseling & Texting ProgramCathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
The TransAction ProgramCathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Street Smart Uganda; UYDELMarguerita LightfootMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.Dcompletedinternational
Teens and Adults Learning to Communicate (TALC: NYC)Mary Jane Rotheram Ph.D.Mary Jane Rotheramcompletednational
Guys Understanding Your Situation (G.U.Y.S. Program)Cathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Los Angeles County HIV Needs Assessmentcompletedlocal
IMAGE ProgramDebra Murphy, PhDcompletedlocal
Masihambisane - Pregnant Women: KZNMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Mary Jane Rotheramcompletedinternational
Philani- Cape TownMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Mary Jane Rotheramcompletedinternational
Voucher-based Incentives in a Prevention Setting (VIPS)Cathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Project Tech SupportCathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Healthy Living Project (HLP): Multi-Institutional Collaborative Research ProjectMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Dallas Swendemancompletednational
MD for Life: Making Decisions for LifeMary Jane Rotherman, Ph.D.Norweeta Milburncompletednational
China Provider ProjectLi LiLi Licompletedinternational
China MMT Project: Methadone Maintenance and HIV PreventionLi Li ( Li (
Rectal Transmission of STIs/HIV among WomenPamina Gorbachcompletedlocal
Oral and Dental Consequences of Methamphetamine Usecompletedlocal
Optimizing Access to nPEP for HIV Using Contingency Management in Stimulant-Using MSMCathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment in HIV PreventionCathy J. RebackCathy J. Rebackcompletedlocal
Adolescent Trajectories for Homelessness and Risk for HIVNorweeta Milburn ( Swendeman (
Grief Interventions for PLAs, Adolescents and GuardiansMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedlocal
Interventions for Substance-Using Youth Living with HIVMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletednational
China Stigma ProjectLi LiLi Licompletedinternational
Vietnam - Development of a Family Intervention to Address Drug Use and HIV in VietnamLi LiLi Licompletedinternational
Vaccine Interest and Benefit Evaluation (VIBE)Mary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedlocal
Project i (Prevention Among Homeless Youth)completedinternational
Nsindikanjake Vocational Training ProjectMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.Dcompletedinternational
MamekhayaMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.Dcompletedinternational
Safety CountsMary jane Rotheram, Ph.Dcompletedlocal
Recruiting and Engaging Adolescents in Creating Hope (Project REACH)Norweeta Milburncompletedlocal
Family-Focused HIV Disclosure Intervention in ThailandSung-Jae Lee, Ph.D.Sung-Jae Lee, Ph.D.completedinternational
Los Angeles County Methamphetamine Prevention InitiativeSteven Shoptaw, PhDcompletedlocal
Long-Term Health Effects of Methamphetamine Use in the MACSSteve Shoptaw, PhDcompletednational
HIV/STD Risk Behaviors in Methamphetamine User NetworksSteven Shoptaw, PhDcompletedinternational
HIV Technology Transfer in Los Angelescompletedlocal
Together Learning Choices (TLC)Mary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Dallas Swendemancompletednational
Teens and Adults Learning to Communicate (TALC: LA)Mary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Mary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.completedlocal
Popular Opinion Leader HIV Intervention among Chinese Market WorkersMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedinternational
Collaborative Evaluations with the Sonagachi/Durbar Community-Led Structural Intervention (CLSI) with Sex Workers in India.Dallas Swendeman, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedinternational
Economic Evaluations for HIV Prevention Programs for AdolescentsMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.DDallas Swendemancompletedlocal
HIV Prevention Capacity Building Assistance and Technical Assistance for Community-Based Organizations and Health Departmentscompletednational
Hep-Safe HollywoodCathy Rebackcompletedlocal
Feasibility and Acceptability of PrEP and Non-occupational Npep for HIV Prevention in Los AngelesRaphael Landovitz, M.D.completedlocal
¡Tu Vales!: An HIV Testing Campaign for Latino Day Laborerscompletedlocal
Angola - Acceptability of Handheld Computers to Collect Self-reported Sexual Behavior Data in Angolacompletedinternational
Community Health StudyMary Jane Rotheram, PhDDallas Swendemancompletedlocal
Feasibility Study of a Community Level, Multi-Component, Intervention for Black MSMSteven Shoptaw, PhDSteven Shoptaw, PhDcompletednational
P-QUAD StudyRaphael LandovitzRaphael Landovitzcompletedlocal
Friends Care ICathy Reback, PhDCathy Reback, PhDcompletedlocal
Biomedical Prevention for HIV in High-Risk Populations with ComorbiditiesRaphael Landovitz ( Landovitz (
Electronic HIV Prevention in Los Angelescompletedlocal
Evaluating Locally Developed "Homegrown" HIV Prevention Interventions for African American and Hispanic/Latino MSMcompletednational
Assessing Sexual Social Networks of Black and Hispanic MSM/Ws in Los Angeles CountySteven ShoptawSteven Shoptawcompletedlocal
China TEA (Together for Empowerment Activities)- Intervention for HIV Affected FamiliesLi Li ( Licompletedinternational2011050120161031
Testing of an HIV Prevention Card Game for the Angolan Armed Forcescompletedinternational
HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Angolan Military Recruitscompletedinternational
Promoting Migrant Health Through HIV Awarenesscompletedinternational
NIMH Project AcceptThomas J. Coatescompletedinternational
Ai Shi ZiThomas J. Coatescompletedinternational
Penile HygieneThomas J. Coatescompletedinternational
Comunidades Positivas "Positive Communities"Thomas Coates, Ph.D.completedinternational
Uganda HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing StudyThomas J. Coatescompletedinternational
Doxycycline Prophylaxis or Incentive Payments to Reduce Syphilis among HIV-infected Men Who Have Sex with MenArleen Leibowitz and Dr. Robert Bolan (LAGLC)completedlocal
Assessing Willingness to Test for HIV among Men who have Sex with Men using Conjoint AnalysisSung-Jae Lee, Ph.D.completedlocal
Structural Pathways for South African Men to Reduce Substance Abuse and HIVMary Jane Rotheram, Ph.D.Dallas Swendeman, Ph.D.completedinternational
Mobile Phone Adherence and Prevention Support for People Living with HIV in IndiaDallas SwendemanDallas Swendemancompletedinternational
mHealth platform to link HIV-positive South Africans to careW. Scott Comulada (, CHRISTOPHER M (
Enhancing the Role of Commune Health Workers in HIV and Drug Control in VietnamLi Li (, RICHARD A (
Treatment Advocacy Intervention for HIV-Positive African AmericansLaura Bogart (, JENNIFER L (
A Social Network Analysis of HIV Treatment Partners in BotswanaLaura Bogart (, JENNIFER L (
Pilot Intervention to Empower HIV Clients as Prevention Advocates in UgandaLaura Bogartactivelocal
Siempre Seguire: A Pilot Intervention to Improve Coping With Discrimination and Adherence Among HIV-Positive Latino MSMLaura Bogart (, THERESA ELAINE (
A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence Intervention for HIV+ African AmericansLaura Bogart (, REBECCA (
The Influence of PreP Stigma Among Black and Latino MSM PreP AdoptersRon Brooks (, MICHAEL J (
Use of Social Media to Improve Engagement, Retention, and Health Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum – Evaluation and Technical Assistance CenterRon Brooksactivelocal
Hepatitis C Treatment and Cardiovascular Risk Modification in HIV-infected PersonsKara Chewactivelocal
Mechanisms of Cardiac Dysfunction in HIV and the Effect of StatinsKara Chew (, GEORGE (
South American Program in HIV Prevention Research (SAPHIR)Jesse Clark (, DAVID M (
Transprep: Social Network-Based PreP Adherence for Transgender Women in PeruJesse Clark (, MICHAEL J (
STI Screening as a Combined HIV Prevention Platform for MSM in PeruJesse Clarkactivelocal
Bringing South African Men into HIV Counseling and Testing and CareTom Coates (, CHRISTOPHER M (
Adolescent Trials Network (ATN): Analytic CoreW. Scott Comulada (
An mHealth Platform for Health Care Workers to Link South Africans to HIV CareW. Scott Comuladaactivelocal
Youth Services Navigation Intervention for HIV+ Adolescents and Young Adults Being Released from IncarcerationWilliam Cunningham (, NINA THAWATA (
Effect of Peer Navigation and Contingency Management on Retention in HIV CareWilliam Cunningham (, CHRISTOPHER M (
Improving Art Adherence Through Urban Gardening and peer Nutritional Counseling in the Dominican RepublicKathryn Derose (, MICHAEL J (
Natural History of AIDS in Homosexual MenRoger Detelsactivelocal
UCLA Thai MOPH Epidemiology Training Program on AIDSRoger Detels ( Lee (
UCLA/China CDC Training Program in Advanced Research MethodologiesRoger Detels (, GEETHA PARTHASARATHY (
UCLA/Myanmar Training Program in Advanced HIV/AIDS MethodologiesRoger Detels (, GEETHA PARTHASARATHY (
HIV Testing, Linkage, and Retention in Care: Contextual Factors and DisparitiesChandra Ford (, REBECCA (
Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO)Pamina Gorbach (, ELIZABETH (
UCLA/Cambodia HIV/AIDS Training Program in Data Management and AnalysisPamina Gorbach (, GEETHA PARTHASARATHY (
SNS-Based Data Mining to Understand MSM Substance Use and HIV Risk BehaviorIAN HOLLOWAY (, JEFFREY D (
Multimodal Interventions to Improve Adherence to Oral Tenofovir/Emtricitabine as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Women in Southern CaliforniaRaphael Landovitzactivelocal
A Comprehensive Community-Based Strategy to Optimize the HIV Prevention and Treatment Continuum for Youth at HIV Risk, Acutely Infected and With Established HIV InfectionMary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ph.D. (, ROHAN (
MMT CARE for HIV Prevention: A Randomized Controlled TrialLi Liactivelocal
Enhancing the Role of Commune health Workers in HIV and Drug control in VietnamLi Liactivelocal
Xiangya-UCLA HIV/AIDS Nursing Research InitiativeLi Li (, GEETHA PARTHASARATHY (
Multilevel Integration Strategies to Enhance Service Provider Networks in VietnamLi Li ( WILEY, TISHA R A (
UCLA/Vietnam Training Program in Evaluation and Advanced MethodologiesLi Li (, GEETHA PARTHASARATHY (
Implementation Science for Intervention Delivery in Healthcare SettingsChunqing Linactivelocal
Improving Drug Adherence Among Adolescents in Uganda Using SMS RemindersSebastian Linnemayr (, SONIA S (
SMS as an Incentive to Adhere (SITA)Sebastian Linnemayractivelocal
Mobile Technology and Incentives (Motives) for Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Los AngelesSebastian Linnemayr (, SUSANNAH (
Behavioral Economics Incentives to Support HIV Treatment Adherence in Sub-Saharan AfricaSebastian Linnemayr (, MICHAEL J (
The UCLA HIV/AIDS Substance Abuse, and Trauma Training ProgramNorweeta Milburnactivelocal
Resiliency Education to Reduce Depression DisparitiesJeanne Miranda (Co-I)activelocal
Theory-Based Text Messaging to Reduce Methamphetamine Use and HIV Risks Among MSMCathy Reback ( LAO, GUIFANG (
MSM and Substances Cohort at UCLA Linking Infections Noting Effects (Masculine)Pamina Gorbach (, Steven Shoptaw (, NARESH (
Combating Craving with Contingency Management: Neuroplasticity and Methamphetamine Abuse in South AfricaSteven Shoptaw (, TISHA R A (
Investigating Resiliency in Preventing Binge Drinking and Stimulant Use Among Black Men at High-Risk for HIVErik Storholm (, RICHARD A (
Developing a PreP Screening Instrument for Identification/Referral of High-Risk MSM in Primary CareErik Storholm (, RICHARD A (
Risk and Protective Factors for Adherence to Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) in Transwomen of ColorErik Storholm (, RICHARD A (
Engaging Seronegative Youth to Optimize HIV Prevention ContinuumDallas Swendemanactivelocal
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Insurance Coverage Stability: Implications for Chronic Disease Management and Use of Preventative ServicesDIANE TAN (, CARMEN Mcompletedlocal2017070120180630
Mining the Social Web to Monitor Public Health and HIV Risk BehaviorsSEAN YOUNG (, HEIDI J (
Mining Real-Time Social Media Big Data to Monitor HIV: Development and Ethical IssuesSEAN YOUNG (, ROSEMARY G (
Adapting the Hope Social Media Intervention to Reduce Prescription Drug AbuseSEAN YOUNG (, JACQUELINE (
Hope Social Media Intervention for HIV Testing and Studying Social NetworksSEAN YOUNG (, GREGORY (
HPTN-077Raphael Landovitzactivelocal
HPTN-083Raphael Landovitzactivelocal
HPTN 085: The AMP StudyJesse Clarkactivelocal
The Alexis ProjectCathy Reback ( Reback (
Text Me, Girl! - Text Messaging to Improve Linkage, Retention and Health Outcomes among HIV-positive Young Transgender WomenCathy Rebackactivelocal
Healthy Divas: Improving engagement in HIV care for high-risk womenCathy Reback ( Reback (
A.S.K.-PrEP Program (Assistance Services Knowledge-PrEP)Cathy Rebackactivelocal
The BARS Study: Building Agent Based Models of Racialized Justice System Study in Black MSMNina Harawa (Site PI); nharawa@mednet.ucla.eduJohn Schneider; jschnei1@medicine.bsd.uchicago.educompletedlocal2015070120200430
MSM and Substances Cohort at UCLA Linking Infections Noting Effects (MASCULINE)Pamina Gorbach (, SHEBA KING (
Screen, Treat and Retain Meth-Using People with Opioid Use Disorders at MMT Clinics (STAR-OM)Steven Shoptaw (, GIANG M (
UCLA Rapid, Relevant, Rigorous Implementation Science HubSteven Shoptaw (, CHRISTOPHER M (
EHE Supp: Developing Implementation Strategies to Optimize PrEP Delivery to Immigrant Latino MSM in Los Angeles CountySteven Shoptaw (, CHRISTOPHER M (
Still Climbin': A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Improve Coping with Discrimination, Address Medical Mistrust, and Reduce Health Disparities among Black Sexual Minority MenLaura Bogart (, ARIELLE SAMANTHA (
Evaluation of the Implementation of PrEP Provision for Ugandan FisherfolkLaura Bogart ( CAMPBELL-ROSEN, HOLLY R (
A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence Intervention for HIV+ African AmericansLaura Bogart (, ELIZABETH M (
A Comprehensive Community-based Strategy to Optimize the HIV Prevention and Treatment Continuum for Youth At HIV Risk, Acutely Infected and with Established HIV InfectionDallas Swendeman (, Mary Jane (
Evaluating the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Latino MSM Focused PrEP Uptake InterventionRon Brooks (, MICHAEL J (
Promoting Reductions in Intersectional Stigma to Improve HIV Testing and PrEP Use Among Latino Sexual Minority MenLaura Bogart (, GREGORY (
Investigating the Impact of Substance Use, Intimate Partner Violence, and COVID-19 on HIV Care Engagement among Young Black Sexual Minority Men with HIV in the US SouthErik Storholm ( FLOYD, MINNJUAN WYNCEPHEL (
EHE Supp: Implementation of an Emergency Department HIV/SUD screening and treatment referral mHealth tool for Latino patientSteven Shoptaw (, Oleksandr activelocal1997093020230131
Mopati: A Pilot HIV Treatment Partner Intervention in BotswanaLaura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)Laura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)activelocal2019071620230531
Controlled Trial of Game Changers: A Group Intervention to Train HIV Clients to be Change Agents for HIV Prevention in UgandaLaura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)Wagner, Glenn John (GWAGNER@RAND.ORG)activelocal2021070620260531
Innovative HIV Testing Strategy for Middle-to-Upper Income Men in a Resource Limited SettingLaura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)MOSEPELE, MOSEPELE (
Project BURMESE: Buddhist Understanding and Reduction of Myanmarese Experiences of HIV Stigma and ExclusionChen, Wei-Ti (, Wei-Ti (
Developing Capacity for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Mental HealthAllison Ober ( Ober (
Collaborative care teams for hospitalized patients with opioid use disorders: Translating evidence into practiceAllison Ober (, ITAI (
Pilot Test of a Collaborative Care Team for Medical Inpatients with Opioid and Alcohol Use DisordersAllison Ober (, ITAI (
Combining Positive Deviance and Implementation Science to Improve Retention in HIV Care in South AfricaAllison Ober ( Ober (
Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO)Pamina Gorbach ( Gorbach (
Youth Services Navigation Intervention for HIV+ adolescents and young adults being released from incarceration: A randomized control trialNina Harawa ( Harawa (
Understanding and Engaging Families in HIV Biomedical Prevention for Latino Men Who Have Sex with MenNina Harawa ( Harawa (
Expedited Partner Therapy and the HIV Prevention Cascade Among MSM in PeruJesse Clark ( Clark (
Bringing South African Men into HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) and CareTom Coates ( Coates (
Engaging men through HIV self-test and differentiated care models to increase ART initiation and viral suppression in MalawiTom Coates ( Coates (
Evaluating the PrEP cascade in HIV-negative pregnant and breastfeeding women in South Africa (PrEP-PP)Tom Coates ( Coates (
Behavioral Economics Incentives to Support HIV Treatment Adherence in Sub-Saharan AfricaSebastian Linnemayr ( Linnemayr (
Incentives and ReMINDers to Improve Long-term Medication Adherence (INMIND)Sebastian Linnemayr ( Linnemayr (
Linking Refugees to HIV Clinical Care in UgandaLaura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)Laura Bogart (LBOGART@RAND.ORG)activelocal2019080120220531
uTECH: Machine Learning for HIV Prevention Among Substance Using GBMSMIan Holloway ( Holloway (
NIDA Clinical Trials Network: Big South/West NodeSteven Shoptaw ( Shoptaw (
Using data science to measure the impact of opioid agonist therapy in patients admitted with Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infectionsDavid, Goodman (, Goodman (
The impact of cannabinoids on inflammation, HIV viral load and symptoms of distress among persons living with HIVSteven Shoptaw ( Shoptaw (
An integrated incentive-based treatment to optimize HIV treatment engagement among persons who use methamphetamineSteven Shoptaw ( Shoptaw (
Trajectories of socially regulated gene expression, methamphetamine use, and viral load among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) receiving contingency managementMichael J. Li ( J. Li (
Effects of methamphetamine use on risk behavior, systemic and mucosal inflammation, and sexually transmitted infection (STI)/HIV risk among men who have sex with menCherie Blair ( Shoptaw (
Facilitating the Decentralization of Methadone Maintenance Therapy Services into Communities in VietnamChunqing Lin ( Lin (
Clinical study of STI screening to prevent adverse birth and newborn outcomesJeffrey Klausner ( Klausner (
Clinical Trial Comparing the Effectiveness of Cefixime Versus Penicillin G for Treatment of Early SyphilisJeffrey Klausner ( Klausner (
Evaluating STI screening and antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae among PrEP users in VietnamJeffrey Klausner ( Klausner (
Syphilis immunology and biology to improve clinical management and vaccine designJeffrey Klausner ( Klausner (
Mining real-time social media big data to monitor HIV: Development and Ethical IssuesSEAN YOUNG ( YOUNG (
Los Angeles CRS for the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort StudyRoger Detels ( Detels (
Behavioral Economics to improve Antihypertensive Therapy Adherence (BETA)Sebastian Linnemayr ( Linnemayr (
MWCCS Covid-19 Supplement ActivitiesRoger Detels ( Detels (
Collaborative care teams for hospitalized patients with opioid use disorders: Translating evidence into practiceAllison Ober ( Ober (
Innovative strategies to increase ART Initiation and viral suppression among HIV+ men in MalawiTom Coates ( Coates (
Evaluation of pre-exposure prophylaxis cascade in pregnant and breastfeeding women in Cape Town, South AfricaDvora Davey ( Davey (
UCLA/Myanmar Training Program in Advanced HIV/AIDS MethodologiesRoger Detels ( Detels (
Biobehavioral Research Approaches to reduce Effects of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health and Cognitive Outcomes in South AfricaNorweeta Milburn ( Milburn (
Emerging Issues in Minority Aging ResearchNina Harawa ( Harawa (
The UCLA HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Trauma Training ProgramNorweeta Milburn ( Milburn (
Getting Off: A Theory-based mHealth Intervention for Methamphetamine-using MSMCathy Reback ( Reback (
Goals for Adherence with Low-cost Incentives (GOALS)Sebastian Linnemayr ( Linnemayr (
Engaging Seronegative Youth to Optimize HIV Prevention ContinuumDallas Swendeman ( Swendeman (
South American Program in HIV Prevention Research (SAPHIR)Jesse Clark ( Clark (
Postdoctoral Training in Global AIDS Prevention ResearchPamina Gorbach ( Gorbach (
mHealth to Enhance & Sustain Drug Use Reduction of the QUIT BI in Primary CareDallas Swendeman ( Swendeman (
Battling Stigma for Service Engagement among Women with HIV in VietnamChunqing Lin ( Lin (