Ai Shi Zi
Integrating HIV/STI Prevention and Treatment in China
Assessing Willingness to Test for HIV among Men who have Sex with Men using Conjoint Analysis
Implications for Testing and Treatment for Prevention of HIV Transmission: A Pilot Study
China MMT Project: Methadone Maintenance and HIV Prevention
Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) program in China
China Provider Project
Reducing HIV stigma among service providers
China Stigma Project
HIV Related stigma among service providers
CLEAR Uganda; SUUBI Project
Prevention for HIV Positive Youth in Uganda
CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment, Actions, Results
Prevention for HIV Positive Youth and Adults
Community Health Study
Monitoring Risk Behaviors and HIV Seroprevalence Among General Population
Comunidades Positivas “Positive Communities”
HIV and STI Prevention among HIV- and/or STI+ MSM
Coordinated Prevention Network (CPN)
Community Lead Prevention Coalition
Economic Evaluations for HIV Prevention Programs for Adolescents
Economic Evaluations for HIV Prevention Programs for Adolescents
Electronic HIV Prevention in Los Angeles
Electronic HIV Prevention Messaging
Enhancing the Role of Commune Health Workers in HIV and Drug Control
This five-year study is conducted in Vĩnh Phúc amd Phu Tho Province, Vietnam in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology (NIHE). This study is an initiative for HIV prevention and care that integrates intervention efforts at multiple strata: Community Health Workers (CHWs), Injecting Drug Users (IDUs), and their Family Members (FMs). The intervention aimed at enhancing the CHW’s skills to effectively interact with IDUs and strengthening their role in HIV and drug control.
Friends Care I
Biobehavioral Interventions for HIV-negative Methamphetamine-using MSM
Guys Understanding Your Situation (G.U.Y.S. Program)
Health Education and Risk Reduction Intervention
Healthy Family Thailand F2F
Psycho-Education for HIV+ Affected Families
Hep-Safe Hollywood
Contingency Management Intervention to increase HAV/HBV Vaccination Programs
HIV Counseling & Texting Program
Social Networks Testing Methodology
IMAGE Program
A Parenting Intervention for HIV-Positive Moms
Long-Term Health Effects of Methamphetamine Use in the MACS
Study of long-term health effects of methamphetamine use among MSM in Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.
Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission
Masihambisane- KZN
HIV, TB, and Alcohol Prevention Among Pregnant Women
MD for Life: Making Decisions for Life
Intervention for Health Care Professionals
MMT CARE for HIV Prevention: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) program in China
Mobile Phone Adherence and Prevention Support for People Living with HIV in India
Mobile Phone Adherence and Prevention Support for People Living with HIV in India
NIMH Project Accept
HIV testing and support in Sub-Saharan African and Thailand
Nsindikanjake Vocational Training Project
Reducing HIV Risk Among Ugandan Youth
P-QUAD Study
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
Penile Hygiene
South Africa Feasibility Study
Philani- Cape Town
HIV, TB, and Alcohol Prevention Among Pregnant Women
Patients taking Responsibility for Individual Doses Everyday
Project Tech Support
IT Communication Intervention Among Methamphetamine-Using MSM
Recruiting and Engaging Adolescents in Creating Hope (Project REACH)
To create an effective recruitment and retention method for family interventions for substance abuse and adapt culturally-appropriate substance abuse programs targeting African American adolescents.
Safe House
Residential Housing Program
Safety Counts
Prevention for Injection Drug and Crack Cocaine Users
HIV Prevention with Commercial Sex Workers in Three Communities in India
Street Smart (US)
Prevention for Runaway/Homeless Youth
Street Smart Uganda; UYDEL
HIV Prevention for Youth
Structural Pathways for South African Men to Reduce Substance Abuse and HIV
Young men aged 18-25 years in South Africa face the intersecting epidemics of HIV, alcohol and drug abuse,
Support To Reunite, Involve and Value Each Other (STRIVE)
A family-based intervention for homeless and runaway youth
Teaching, Raising, and Communicating with Kids (TRACK)
To test the preliminary efficacy of an intervention to assist HIV-infected mothers to disclose their serostatus to their young children.
Teens and Adults Learning to Communicate (TALC: LA)
Mothers with AIDS and Their Adolescent Children
Teens and Adults Learning to Communicate (TALC: NYC)
Mothers with AIDS and their Adolescent Children
The TransAction Program
Prevention For Transgender Women
Together Learning Choices (TLC)
Prevention for HIV Positive Youth
Vaccine Interest and Benefit Evaluation (VIBE)
Examines consumers’ demand for HIV vaccines, motivators and barriers to trial participation or post-trial adoption, and potential behavioral responses to vaccination.
Prevention For High Risk Youth