Ted Gideonse



Ted Gideonse is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program in Global Health’s Training Program in Global HIV/AIDS Prevention Research. Dr. Gideonse has a PhD in Anthropology from UC San Diego, a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School University. For his PhD fieldwork, he examined how cultural discourses of health and addiction affected the lives and experiences of meth-using HIV+ MSM in San Diego. Between undergraduate and graduate work, he worked in publishing as a journalist, editor, and finally as as literary agent.

A medical and psychological anthropologist, he is interested in how political structures and moral ideologies impact both mental and physical health, particularly among addicts, the homeless, and people with chronic illnesses like HIV. Dr. Gideonse was awarded funding by UCLA’s Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) for a pilot study on the risk behaviors of drug offending HIV+ men who have sex with men who were inmates in Los Angeles County Jail. He is also preparing studies focusing on cultural barriers to the use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among high-risk MSM and the role physical and virtual gay venues have in substance abuse among MSM.

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