Sean D. Young


Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Center for Behavior and Addiction Medicine


Sean Young, PhD, MS is the Executive Director of the University of California Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT) and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine. His work focuses on studying how social media and mobile technologies can be used to predict and change community and global health behaviors among at-risk populations. He is the principal investigator of the Harnessing Online Peer Education (HOPE) social media studies, which showed how social media can be used to increase HIV prevention and testing among at-risk populations in Los Angeles and Peru. Additional current areas of focus are: use of social big data to predict monitor disease; technology-based interventions to change health behaviors; and using electronic vending machines for HIV self-testing. His clinical work for the Department of Family Medicine is focused on developing and integrating patient-centered technologies to increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes.


B.A., Ethnomusicology (2001) University of California
M.S., Psychology (2001) Stanford University
Ph.D., Psychology (2008) Stanford University
M.S., Health Services Research (2008) Stanford University School of Medicine


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