Mark Peterson, Ph.D.


Co-Director, Policy Core



A specialist on American national institutions and a political scientist, Dr. Peterson’s scholarship focuses on interactions among the Presidency, Congress and interest groups, evaluating their implications for policymaking, both within the general domain of domestic policy and with special attention to health care policy. He has written extensively on how Congress responds to presidential legislative initiatives, exploring how different political, economic and institutional settings affect coalition building, promote inter-institutional conflict or cooperation, influence the president’s legislative performance and establish the baseline for assessing the performance of individual leaders.


BA – Political Science – University of Michigan – 1977
MA – Political Science – University of Michigan – 1981
PhD – Political Science – University of Michigan – 1985

Research and Interests:

Impact of institutions and policy decision-making processes on the adoption of scientifically grounded approaches to combating HIV/AIDS; the role of research evidence in policy making; the effects of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 on the access to care of HIV/AIDS patients compared with previously existing programs;  production, communication, acquisition, and use of research evidence in policy making in the HIV/AIDS policy arena.


Mark Peterson CV.