Cathy J. Reback, Ph.D.


Core Scientist, Combination Prevention Core



Cathy J. Reback is a Senior Research Scientist with Friends Research Institute, Inc., a Research Sociologist with UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, and a Core Scientist with the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (UCLA CHIPTS).  Dr. Reback’s research focuses on the intersection of sexual identity, gender identity, substance use and HIV risk behaviors.

Currently, Dr. Reback is Principal Investigator of a NIDA-funded study evaluating contingency management with non-treatment seeking MSM substance users, Voucher-based Incentives in a Prevention Setting (VIPS), a CHRP-funded study to evaluate the efficacy of contingency management for optimizing Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) among stimulant-using MSM, Optimizing Access to Non-occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Using Contingency Management in Stimulant-Using Men Who Have Sex with Men, and a CDC-funded project to adapt and transfer the Safety Counts evidence-based intervention for use among high-risk transgender women. Additionally, Dr. Reback currently serves as the Director of six County-funded contracts for high-risk MSM substance users and transgender women and two City-funded contracts.

Dr. Reback has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator of ethnographic, intervention, clinical and epidemiological studies funded by CDC, NIDA, CSAT, CHRP and California State Office of AIDS.  Dr. Reback’s research interests involve conducting behavioral interventions with high-risk populations, tailoring evidence-based interventions for use in community settings, research/community collaborations, and ethnographic work on high-risk populations. She has collaborated with Dr. Steve Shoptaw on major research intervention studies that evaluated behavioral therapies and HIV risk reduction for gay and bisexual male methamphetamine users.  Dr. Reback’s community and policy work includes current and past membership on numerous local and national HIV/AIDS and substance abuse task forces and advisory committees.


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, US
M.A., Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, US
B.A., Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, California, US

Research and Interests:

HIV/AIDS, methamphetamine abuse among gay and bisexual males, HIV and substance abuse prevention and treatment interventions, high-risk male-to-female transgender women, research and community collaborations