Adriane Wynn, M.P.P.


Associate Director, Policy Core


The policy core has three specific aims related to science, networking, and capacity building. The first aim is to promote research that increases understanding of how policies create incentives that increase or inhibit identification, prevention, and treatment of HIV disease; and to foster research to understand how scientific evidence influences policies. I have five years of experience working as a legislative aide at both the state and national level. As such, I have a deep understanding of the legislative process and the factors that elected officials consider when making health policy decisions. I completed my master’s thesis for the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV, which allocates Ryan White Care Act funds throughout Los Angeles County. My report provided recommendations on future funding levels for nutrition support for people living with HIV. The second aim of the policy core is to convene policy makers, HIV investigators, and community stakeholders; participate in task forces; and provide scientific evidence for policy making. In my capacity as legislative aide, I have convened multiple legislative hearings that incorporated stakeholders, scientists, and members of the community. Further, through my work with Commission on HIV and my studies at UCLA, I have come to know and build relationships with a wide swath of groups and individuals working on HIV research and policy analysis. The third aim is to enhance the skills of our research partners to apply policy-analytic methods to their HIV projects. Further, as a master’s student at UCLA, I was trained to use a variety of research tools, including cost-effectiveness analysis, geographic information systems, and survey design. Although I have recently learned these methods, I have had the opportunity to apply them to both my master’s thesis and my current work with the Navy. I am well positioned to be able to share these skills with other researchers.



B.A., International Development, University of California, San Diego

M.P.P., Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles